What if you knew the unknown?

What if the oncologist and their cancer patient knew exactly which drugs would be most successful for treatment of their particular cancer?

The most difficult part of a cancer diagnosis is “the unknown”. What will the cancer do to the patient’s body as it grows and multiplies? spreads to other tissues? What if different mutations emerge after treatment.? Which drugs can stop the cancer in its tracks? What happens if a drug(s) has no impact, or has side-effects that outweigh the benefits? How many rounds of treatment would be required to drive the cancer before it is manageable?

Patient advocacy groups are finely tuned to each the patients’ concerns and understandable anxieties. Often, they try to address the patient’s and their family’s needs by helping them with treatment navigation, clinical management, and supportive care services. This reduces some of the “unknowns”. However, there are greater “unknowns” just beneath the surface.

One great “unknown” is the question: “Will this treatment work?” Advocacy groups are cautiously optimistic that Precision Medicine holds the key to better outcomes for cancer patients. Its goal is to be used in treatment of advanced cancers, with the goal to improve patient outcomes. But even with DNA sequencing, many cancer treatments continue to have a trial-and-error approach; and currently, the “non-responder” rate for cancer drugs can be as high as 85%.

Wouldn’t it be a relief to have the ability to select the drugs that will target the different cancer-causing mutations at once, and prevent costly and debilitating complications?

What if you knew …
the therapy that can cause response in the cancer mass?

Every cancer patient has a slightly different cancer, depending on the tumor, their personal biology, and their lifestyle.

Precision Medicine is advancing rapidly. Tumor genetic profiles generate extra information for the physician. Next-generation genomic sequencing (NGS) shows the abnormal mutations associated with cancer. There are exciting new drugs coming onto the market, designed to target some of these specific genetic mutations.

Wouldn’t it be helpful if there was a technology that could interpret the results of the NGS, sort through the tumor behavior in relation to a specific person’s cancer genomics and prescribe a targeted personalized treatment?

What if you knew…
The best drug combination to attack the tumor-person-specific targets?

That’s precisely what Cellworks does.

In an innovative new approach, Cellworks uses machine learning and bio-simulation technology to replicate a patient’s disease in a software model. It then combinatorically explores FDA-approved drugs, to identify the best treatment for targeting the mutations in the patient’s cancer cells.

Powerful computer modeling identifies multiple mutation targets in a patient’s cancer cells, and analytically selects the unique combination of all FDA-approved drugs that can destroy or disarm the cancer cells. The clinician receives a comprehensive assessment within 72 hours after getting the initial tumor profile (NGS report). The assessment describes the signaling and molecular pathways, interactions, and likely drug combination that will target multiple malignancies.

What if you knew…
This treatment will work!

Cellworks has applied the lessons of simulation and modeling at a molecular level to design effective, targeted treatment for cancer, for each patient’s specific cancer. qualities bio-system. This unique, predictive technology makes the therapeutic decisions easier. for the oncologist and the patient. Cellworks bio-simulation predictions have been validated through retrospective and prospective clinical studies clinical trials.

What if a patient knew that the first round of treatment would likely impact on their cancer?

What if the doctor knew the causative prescription based on personalized cancer biology? What if the advocacy groups knew that these above unknowns can be solved and increase the chances for successful treatment. The potential to help numerous patients and families for a better tomorrow is within reach.

Be in the Know
Cellworks delivers the promise of Precision Medicine.